How to remove skin tags

If you’re planning on getting a skin tag removed, there are a number of options available that make it easy. Remember that having one removed is a cosmetic change you’re making as skin tags don’t cause any harm. So what are your options for skin tag removal?

Here are just a few ways you can say goodbye to those lumps you no longer like the sight of:

Cut It Off

Never go about doing this option yourself, as it will only lead to a job done incorrectly and also can a level of risk you don’t want. A doctor will be able to remove a skin tag in most cases with just a scalpel. They will try and splice the tag off at the root of growth, without damaging nearby skin. Of course this might lead to some slight scarring where the tag once was after it has been removed.


This is more of a DIY route to go down is you really just want to get the tag removed yourself, although it will more than likely leave the area looking blotchy and irritated. If you’ve ever seen in a movie or TV show when someone has to put pressure on a wound to stop the flow of blood, you’ll get a good idea of what happens here. Take a piece of dental floss and wrap it around the tag. Tighten it a little bit. Keep doing this once every day. After a few days/weeks go by, the tag will change complexion. The idea is that the repeated action will slowly cut off the flow of blood to the tag, eventually causing it to dry out and break down. This of course isn’t a good path to go down if your skin tag is in a noticeable area.

Cosmetic Radio Surgery

This is the ideal method of skin tag removal, if the tags are on your face or the neck. It’s a very modern technique that will see a skin tag removed in just a few seconds. Using a laser, the skin tag can be very accurately targeted in on. One quick zap and the tag is gone, with no signs that it was ever there. It’s a great method to use if you want to make sure there are no lingering signs, or you need to get rid of a number of skin tags (and warts) in very quick succession.

Tea Tree Oil

If you have a skin tag on your arm, and have a lot of patience, this method will work for you. Wash and dry the tag every day. Take some tea tree oil and dab it over the tag with cotton wool. Do it twice a day. After a few weeks, the tag will slowly get smaller and smaller. You might want to wear a plaster over the tag though if you want it to work well.